Sylvie can't resist producing day and night, so she produces and hosts her monthly show Tragic Magic at Caveat with co-host magician and face of Bicycle cards: John Stessel. They bring in 4 comedians each month and turn them into magicians. Each show a guest comedian joins to judge and one comedian emerges a magician. 

Featured talent: Josh Gondelman (Emmy winner), Hannah Pilkes (Vulture's Comics to Watch), Jay Jurden (The Tonight Show), and Remy Kassimir (Cosmopolitan + How Cum Podcast). 


Trained through UCB's core, advanced study and Academy program, Sylvie performs regularly with her teams Go Dummy and Salvatore. Go Dummy is a 7x Cage Match Winner, making them the greatest improv team in NYC*

Sylvie was also a part of The Armory house teams and Rubbish Comedy's very first improv house teams, Octupus Queen performing at Dixon Place. 

*if we're only counting Cage Match wins, we're still #humble.

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