Sylvie Borschel (sill-vee, bor-shell) (is that how you do that?) is an actress, comedian, and producer from Virginia who made her way up to New York City to pursue comedy. 

You may recognize her from appearing in numerous video for BUZZFEED MULTIPLAYER and CHEDDAR NEWS with many videos she's involved in gaining over 1 million views.  

If you haven't seen her face online then you've seen it through the comedy scene -- a trained improviser through the UCB-Academy program, she performed with her team Kerrigan regularly and made it to the infamous Cage Night at UCBHK where she made quite the entrance (she shattered the clock). You can now catch her performing improv with her team Salvatore every week. 

She hosts a monthly show EVERY DAY IS... at Asylum NYC, can be seen performing stand up comedy across the city. and can be seen on BUZZFEED MULTIPLAYER for 10 million subscribers on a regular basis. 

She is also a trained actress through the Atlantic Theater Company and has produced and acted in my sketches, short films, and even one commercial.