Two truths and a lie: Sylvie was an NCAA gymnast, professional blackjack dealer and hugged Tina Fey. 

Ok, they're all true. She just wanted to impress you - did it work?!

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and now for the rest —

SYLVIE BORSCHEL (sill-vee, bor-shell -- is that how you do that?) is an actress, comedian, and producer from Virginia who regularly performs characters, stand-up and improv around New York City.

Trained through UCB, Sylvie is an improviser you can regularly see perform with her team GO DUMMY (undefeated, 7x winners of the infamous Cage Match at Asylum) whose monthly show at Asylum THE DUMMY DRAFT brings comedy legends such as Mary Beth Barone, Ben Warheit, Dan Gurewitch and more to improvise with them.

Sylvie also hosted the monthly Caveat show TRAGIC MAGIC which featured a variety of comedians (including Martin Urbano, Josh Gondelman, Hannah Pilkes, Jay Jurden, and more) and is a part of the sketch duo LOWHANGERZalong with Lindsay McLaughlin and directed by Nick Mestad (2022 JFL).  


You may recognize her from appearing in numerous video for BUZZFEED, CHEDDAR NEWS, THRILLIST and more. ​ She is also a trained actress through the Atlantic Theater Company and has produced and acted in many sketches, short films, and commercials (available upon request).