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first half

I was born near the Eiffel Tower, raised in the Simpsons town of Springfield, VA and am now based in Brooklyn. I was an All-American gymnast at Temple University and then did a victory lap dealing Blackjack at a casino. I have a character show about my time there called craps! and I'd love you to see it. 

I perform characters and bits and bits and characters around the city at Union Hall, Brooklyn Comedy Collective, Asylum NYC, Caveat, Club Cumming and just about every bar in Brooklyn. I do improv with Go Dummy and our monthly show Dummy Draft that forces SNL and late night comedians to do improv with us is hitting the stage at Second City NY. I've performed sketch comedy with Boogie Manja, One Bag Egg, Little Boy Evil, and Cooked Up! at BCC. I was also a reoccuring host for Cheddar News and BuzzFeed Multiplayer before both those channels died. 

second half

third half

I've recently appeared in a Cracked digital sketch, provided voiceover for Boe in Land of Boggs and my solo show craps! was selected for Caveat's Projectorfest in 2023 and Brooklyn Comedy Collective's Pitchfest in May 2024. I went to Scotland but not for Fringe and it was lit. 

fourth half

now that's football 🏈

show about my time as a blackjack dealer
photos by Arin Sang-urai (@photojuice)


mrs. claus and her 24 hour hall pass @ union hall
photo by jt anderson (@jtcanshoot)


same show selected for Pitchfest '24
photos by Marissa Moorhead (


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